Transit Poster Application Guidelines

CMHC Granville Island Public Affairs & Programming Transit Posters
Area: Programming and Public Affairs
Date: May 8, 2020
Topic: Transit Shelter Event Posters at various locations on Granville Island
Responsibility: Manager, Programming and Public Affairs

1.0 Purpose
To outline Granville Island policy and procedure on the scheduling, installation and strike of cultural event transit posters at various locations on Granville Island.

2.0 Policy
2.1 The transit shelter poster space is to be used for the display of promotional posters advertising Granville Island cultural and recreational events all year.

2.2 Event producers requesting use of this space are asked to provide event details, preferred display dates and proposed design when submitting the application form.

2.3 Poster copy and graphics must be approved by the Granville Island Public Affairs & Programming department prior to poster installation.

2.4 Posters are generally installed and taken down on Monday mornings (excluding holidays). It is the responsibility of the event coordinator to ensure that posters are delivered to the Granville Island Maintenance Shop (1397 Cartwright Street, across from Festival House) by 3pm on the Friday prior to the scheduled Monday installation.

2.5 The poster size is 48 inches wide x 72 inches long. Lamination is strongly suggested as the transit shelters are not waterproof.

2.6 Usage of transit shelter poster space is limited to two-week increments beginning and ending on Mondays. A poster placement extension may be possible for events running longer than two weeks, provided space is available. All assignments and extensions are at the discretion of Granville Island Public Affairs & Programming. Should events create timing conflicts for use of the space, Granville Island sponsored events (e.g. annual cultural events, such as festivals) shall take precedence. Note that display space is otherwise allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

2.7 Following the removal of the posters, it is the responsibility of the event coordinator to ensure that the posters are picked up from the Granville Island Maintenance Shop no later than 72 hours afterwards. Failure to do so will result in disposal of the posters.

2.8 Transit shelter poster space locations/display durations are never guaranteed. CMHC Granville Island Management may remove any poster at its discretion without notice.

2.9 Granville Island Management assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any materials or bodily injury, expenses, claims, demands, actions, suits or other proceedings of every nature and kind arising from or in consequence of any of the above.

2.10 Applications will be accepted for consideration no sooner than 6 months before and no later than one month prior to requested installation date. Dates requested should fall no sooner than one week prior to the event the posters are advertising.