Social Media Submission Guidelines

Social media is a key promotional tool for any business in the 21st Century, no matter the size of the business.  Over the past 10 years, Granville Island has slowly transformed its communications from primarily print-based to a multi-directional digital platform. Granville Island’s consumer marketing communications has been, and remains, destination-based.  This means that we aim to bring more visitors to the Island and to encourage these visitors to explore all parts of Granville Island. We build relationships with Granville Island customers, and potential customers, via a content-rich, story-driven, approach.

Our social media strategy is to share the Granville Island experience with the goal of inspiring our audience to visit and/or talk about Granville Island online and offline. We aim to post content that best connects with our audience through testing a variety of content and measuring reach, engagement, and impressions.

Our current focus for social media is to:

  • Promote the overall Granville Island experience
  • Support major Granville Island projects
  • Highlight businesses and activities on the Island

This is currently done through:

  • Campaign creation (e.g. Foodeo)
  • User generated content (e.g. photos/videos which visitors have posted)
  • Created content (we take photos/videos)
  • Tenant submissions

The following information explains more about submitting social content to Granville Island

We have daily opportunities for tenants to be included in our social media content. Businesses wishing to promote a product, event, or general business information, can submit their content to Granville Island with the potential to have it posted, and engage with a large audience.

When selecting submitted tenant content, we aim to have a variety of posts on many diverse topics. When posting to social media, we have a maximum amount of content that we post per day to optimize audience reach and impressions.

Every day, there are literally thousands of online conversations about Granville Island, our community, our businesses, and our visitors’ experiences. This means that Granville Island’s content managers have to continually prioritize and schedule posts on any number of important topics. Unfortunately, we cannot always commit to posting information submitted, or to a certain timeline when posting. We also must maintain our ability to review and edit content to ensure that all posts are consistent with our brand and voice. Please note, we schedule social content weeks in advance so when submitting content, please do so at least three weeks prior to the requested posting date.

We can also share your social posts. Posts that you want to see shared or retweeted from your account to Granville Island accounts can be submitted for review. Submit a screenshot of the post and the handle of the account it was posted to. Shared posts will be subject to the same guidelines as stated above.

Any imagery or video that is submitted must have usage rights assigned to Granville Island for publication. This means that a business must own the image/video or have the right to use it for commercial purposes. Please do not send images you found on the Internet! Assistance with taking videos and photos for tenants may be possible, time permitting.

Remember the Character Limits!
Instagram – 2,200
Facebook – 5,000
Twitter – 280