Granville Island Leasing Information


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Guiding Principles

CMHC-Granville Island strives to:

  • Ensure financial sustainability
  • Retain and enhance the Granville Island experience
  • Maintain an accessible, diverse and inclusive destination for all people
  • Preserve and build on the historic character of Granville Island
  • Encourage alternative forms of access
  • Provide for a variety of business and cultural opportunities on Granville Island
  • Ensure barrier-free access
  • Promote safety and security
  • Support sustainable development initiatives — economic, social and environmental
  • Take an incremental approach to change

Leasing Objectives

Granville Island’s leasing objectives include:

  • Encouraging the development of those arts, crafts and cottage industries where the public may view and purchase products produced on the premises
  • Retaining the industrial character of the island by using existing buildings wherever feasible and ensuring any new building of infill development is compatible with this intended character
  • Seeking out tenants who contribute to the animation of the Island
  • Retaining a retail mix that focuses on sustainable, unique, high quality and locally-based product offerings