Signage Guidelines

The purpose of the Granville Island Signage Guidelines are to:

  • Regulate signs that businesses use to identify themselves on Granville Island
  • Provide specifications for the size, shape and height of signs; and
  • Regulate where a sign may be placed on a building or site

Any person wishing to erect a sign on Granville Island must first receive the necessary approvals.  This process includes an approval by the CMHC Administration Office and any requirements the City of Vancouver may have through the Vancouver Sign By-law.

To consider:

  • The type of Sign 
  • The shape and dimensions.
  • Materials and methods of construction.
  • Details of the support for the sign.
  • The wording and graphic style.
  • Colour(s)
  • Type of lighting, if applicable.
  • A photo or graphics if possible.

A digital copy of the Landlord’s Consent form can be found here.

Granville Island Signage Guidelines

Once your material is ready, please email our Granville Island Tenant Coordinators