Cultural Partner Program Overview

CMHC-Granville Island administers a funding program that supports non-profit arts organizations to foster creativity, celebration and expression on Granville Island, as CMHC strives to fulfill its mission to ‘steward this public land for meaningful urban and social experimentation among diverse, creative and cultural business models’. For over 20 yearsthis essential funding and in-kind support has aided in the success of theatre companies, art schools, literary events, performing arts, concerts and multi-disciplinary festivals.  

As Vancouver’s premier artistic and cultural hub, located in an urban, waterfront location and steeped in a rich industrial and maritime heritage, this unique destination creates a welcoming environment for cultural gatherings. The Cultural Partner Program is an essential and valued program to the administration of CMHC- Granville Island.  

To read more about becoming a Cultural Partner: Please read through our Guidelines.