Cultural Partner Guidelines

This program assists organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to partnering with CMHC Granville Island and other Island organizations in presenting cultural events that contribute to the range of activities available to visitors on the Island, to its reputation as a unique cultural district and to its economic vitality.

Eligibility Guidelines

To qualify for assistance, applicants must:

  • Be a cultural organization registered as a not-for-profit society in British Columbia;
  • Have presented cultural activity for at least three consecutive years on Granville Island in one of three categories:
    • Year Round Programming
      • Regular public programming throughout the year in facilities on Granville Island
    • Annual Festivals and Special Events
      • Festivals and special cultural events that take place almost entirely on the Island
    • Satellite Programs
      • Free and/or paid highlight events that are part of a larger annual festival or special event off the Island
  • Have a diversified revenue base and a demonstrated need for financial assistance to realize the proposed activities;
  • Have submitted a final report on previously funded activities to CMHC Granville Island.

Procedures and Timelines

  1. New applicants must discuss their proposal with Lisa Ono, Manager of Public Affairs and Programming well in advance of submitting an application, and should submit a Letter of Intent at least a month before the program deadline.
  2. All applicants must complete an application and submit it with the requested support material by the application deadline. To obtain an application please email Lisa Ono at
  3. Applications will be adjudicated by a CMHC Granville Island staff and peer committee, and decisions are expected to be announced in April.
  4. Organizations planning new or one-time cultural events in a facility or public space on Granville Island should contact the Coordinator, Cultural Programming and Events,, for more information.

Assessment Criteria

CMHC Granville Island will consider the following factors in evaluating requests for assistance:

  • Commitment to and co-operation with the Granville Island community – demonstrated by activity on the Island over several years, a good working relationship with CMHC Granville Island, and partnerships with other not-for-profit cultural organizations and private enterprises on the Island;
    • Contribution to Granville Island’s branding as a cultural district and promotion of its role as a supporter of the applicant’s activities – demonstrated by effective marketing and promotion strategies, appropriate recognition of Granville Island’s contribution as specified in the contribution agreement, and the ability to attract media interest and/or corporate sponsorships and recognition;
    • Contribution to Granville Island’s reputation as a centre of excellent and diverse cultural activity – demonstrated by the production quality, artistic interest, scope and unique features of the applicant’s programming, and by the opportunities provided to artists and other cultural workers;
    • Contribution to the local community – demonstrated by the scope and accessibility of cultural activities and attractions presented by the applicant;
    • Contribution to the economy of the Island – demonstrated by direct revenues provided to Granville Island (e.g. rental and staffing fees for facility use), and by indirect revenues (e.g. spending on parking, the market, shops and restaurants) generated by visitors, cultural workers and volunteers brought to the Island by an applicant’s activities;
    • Organizational capacity, including an ability to effectively deliver proposed activities – demonstrated by previous history, current plans and the ability to critically self assess program implementation and address shortcomings.

Conditions of Assistance

  1. Funds must be applied to current expenses, not used to reduce or eliminate deficits.

Under normal circumstances, payments to successful applicants will be made in two instalments, as follows:

  • 1st payment: 90% of the approved amount upon completion and signing of the contribution agreement outlining the terms of Granville Island’s assistance to the applicant;
    • 2nd payment: 10% holdback released upon CMHC Granville Island’s receipt of the applicant’s final report about the activities that received assistance.

3. Final report should include the following:

  • A summary of the organization’s activities on the Island, including program content, innovative features, venues and the number of performances;
    • Details of promotional activities, especially in relation to Granville Island stated needs and expectations in the agreement;
    • Other benefits to Granville Island, especially as related to Cultural Partner objectives;
    • Collaborations and joint initiatives with other organizations on the Island;
    • Attendance details, including (if available) audience numbers, demographics and spending habits;
    • Final budget compared to budget projections;
    • A critical evaluation of outcomes in the context of event objectives, including factors influencing outcomes.

4. Detailed conditions of assistance, including appropriate recognition of CMHC Granville Island’s contribution, are outlined in the contract that successful applicants must sign.

Application deadlines are stated in the application form.

Manager, Programming and Public Affairs T: 604-666-8779
CMHC Granville Island Office
1661 Duranleau Street, 2nd Floor
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S3