Public Market Courtyard Booking Request Form

The Public Market Courtyard is an outdoor public space near the food court and shopping areas of the Public Market. Primarily a location to enjoy busker performances, the Public Market Courtyard is also a venue for Granville Island Cultural Partner events and live music performances. 

Bookings are also accepted for small to medium-sized school groups. Larger groups will be required to participate in a site walk/virtual tour prior to booking.

School group bookings are limited to Monday through Thursday between 10am-2pm, performing for 1 hour. (Excluding Holiday Mondays)


Bookings open in February of each calendar year. Priority if given first to CMHC-Granville Island’s Cultural Partners prior to opening to the public for community bookings.

The Public Market Courtyard cannot be booked for recurring events.

Accepted Uses

  • The Public Market Courtyard may be used for live community, school, or youth-based group performances (i.e., choir, jazz band, theatre/dance class performance).

If you are looking to book this space for a public event, please visit: Host an Event


Power is available at the Public Market Courtyard. Booking applicants must indicate what equipment they are bringing that will require power.

Event groups are strongly encouraged to bring power cables at least 8 meters (25 feet) in length.


Upon booking, event applicants must provide proof of event liability insurance for at least $2 million naming CMHC-Granville Island as additionally insured.


For more information, please email:

Terms & Conditions

    • The Public Market Courtyard is a public space and, as such, users must allow the public to pass by unimpeded.
    • CMHC-Granville Island must first approve any and all tents, structures and/or decorations.
    • Amplification is restricted 75 db.
    • Sales of goods or services is not permitted.

    CMHC-Granville Island reserves the right to halt events that restrict or disrupt normal business activity, safety or enjoyment of Granville Island staff, merchants, and visitors. The above list is only a summary of the full terms and conditions of use. A full terms and conditions list will be provided upon the event’s approval.