Outdoor Artistic or Cultural Event form

Subject to change, all community gatherings and cultural events such as festivals and concerts of all sizes that take place in the public realm on Granville Island have been cancelled or postponed. The CMHC Administrative team is currently not approving any new external event applications as our organizational capacity and resources are currently focused on supporting the Granville Island tenant & cultural community with their impacted businesses and emergency planning.  

Until further notice we have reserved our public spaces for unreserved distanced public recreational use and to occasionally provideadditional space for Granville Island tenants and the existing cultural community on an as-needed basis to help support the primary function of their organization, if their primary function of their organization is impeded by current space restrictions in their shop or venue   

Granville Island has always been known as a place for celebration, for gathering, and for sharing public space. We look forward to welcoming the world back to Granville Island when restrictions are fully lifted and we can more openly celebrate.  


Approval Criteria of outdoor events are based on:

  1. Alignment with Granville Island as an artistic and cultural destination; and mandate to support innovative, unique and creative artistic events.
  2. Accessibility and Engagement; event enhances social connection, encourages participation, and/or champions diversity and inclusion.
  3. Availability of space and/or administrative support: approval of an event will also depend on capacity for CMHC to provide administrative support for the event.
  4. Extent to which the event competes with or impacts existing tenants and day-to-day activity and business on Granville Island, and potential benefits to existing Granville Island businesses and community.
  5. Capacity of event organizer to fulfill the Terms and Conditions for event planning. Applicant must be in good standing.

Outdoor Activations Not Permitted on Granville Island:

  1. Sales of goods and services without a current leasing or licensing agreement with CMHC Granville Island. Exceptions may apply, if the proposed goods or services are needed as an essential component of the event proposal. (See our Leasing page for general information.)
  2. Promotions, including sampling or sample distribution, coupon distribution, free services, gifts, and promotional materials (flyers, booklets, etc.) for corporate or commercial business interests.
  3. Public spaces may not be used for events that are primarily retail or commercial focused, such as pop- up markets, promotional events, fundraisers, product launches etc.

Application Process

Timeline: Individuals and organizations that wish to hold an event at outdoor locations on Granville Island must complete an application and submit it to the Public Affairs and Programming Department, with sufficient lead time for review and processing.

Small to medium sized, single-day events utilizing only one location: Apply a minimum of eight weeks prior to the event. Ideal lead time 3-6 months.

Larger events that are multi-day and/or utilize a variety of locations: Apply a minimum of 6 months before the event date. Ideal lead time 8-12 months.

Application Steps:

If you have any questions during any part of the process, or want to learn more before applying, please contact our Event Coordinators at: events@granvilleisland.com  or 604-666-6655

  1. Please review the Granville Island Outdoor Events Terms & Conditions
  2. Complete the Outdoor Events Application
  3. Our team reviews the application based on our timeline as stated above. We will reach out if we have any questions.
  4.  If your event is conditionally approved, here’s a helpful checklist for the next steps in planning.