Filming Application Form


Contracts for the commercial shooting of films, video tapes, still photography, etc., on the Island are
subject to approval of the Granville Island Office.

Granville Island may not be identified without special permission. All commercial filming requests shall be
reviewed to assure that usage will not be abusive of the Island or of the purposes of the Island. Such review
may include story boards, scripts, interviews with Producers/Directors/Location Scouts, or on-site

In addition to a daily location shooting, film companies shall be charged for all out-of-pocket expenses
which may be incurred as result of the shoot: staff-time, supplies, electricity, clean-up, security, revenue
loss, etc. A security damage deposit is required.

Cheques in all instances, shall be payable to Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation and drawn on a
Canadian bank.

All vehicles required by the crew must be parked in authorized areas and associated parking fees
must be paid in advance. All fees including damage and security deposits must be collected prior to

All film companies must present evidence of insurance coverage, Personal Liability and Property Damage,
at limits not less than five (5) million dollars for feature films and two (2) million dollars for smaller
indigenous feature films, documentaries and TV commercials or lower risk production.

Fees for commercial use of Granville Island will be as follows:

(A) Motion Picture / Television / Videotape Shoot

Filming Day: $3,000.00 + G.S.T.

(B) Still Photography

Full-day: $500.00 + G.S.T.

Special fee rates may be negotiated and approved only by the Manager, Public Affairs & Programming
and / or the Manager, Granville Island.

In filming individual tenants' stalls / shops, or traffic areas near such stalls or shops, permission
from each tenant must be obtained and separate agreements negotiated with each. Filming must not in any
way interfere with business, or traffic on the Island, or the public's enjoyment of the Island.



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Please make cheques payable to C.M.H.C   Paid

Approved by CMHC - Granville Island with conditions listed below




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