Public Market Courtyard Booking Request Form

There is no cost involved in booking this space. It is free.

The Public Market Courtyard on Granville Island is an outdoor open area situated on the north side of the Public Market overlooking False Creek. Priority for booking this space is given first to CMHC-Granville Island Public Affairs & Programming Department and then to school and community performance groups.



  • Contact phone number on the day of your event: 604-834-1567
  • Use of the Public Market Courtyard is for special events or intermittent use only. No group/person may book the space on a regular or ongoing basis.
  • Bookings may be requested during weekdays (Monday through Friday) only.
  • Applicants may choose either a 10am-12pm or 2pm-4pm time slot. Set-up and strike must happen within the 2-hour time frame.
  • CMHC-Granville Island is not responsible for the supply of technical equipment. Groups must provide for themselves any performance requirements including music stands, extension cords, etc.
  • Volume is to be kept to a maximum level of 70db at 6.1 metres as per Vancouver City By-Law.
  • No solicitation or performance promotion is permitted on Granville Island at any time.
  • This area is a public space and, as such, users must allow the public to pass by unimpeded.
  • All signage must be approved by CMHC-Granville Island prior to an event.
  • Strict limitations and restrictions are in effect with regards to corporate involvement, banner
    displays, product giveaways and other sponsorship recognition.
  • Buses may stop at the designated area only. Please refer to tour bus policy for more detail,
    available online via the link listed on the attached map.
  • CMHC-Granville Island reserves the right to refuse any booking if the proposed activity is not in
    keeping with the public events and/or programming mandate for Granville Island.
  • CMHC-Granville Island reserves the right to halt events that restrict or disrupt normal business
    activity, safety or enjoyment of Granville Island merchants, customers and visitors.
  • CMHC-Granville Island reserves the right to revise these guidelines at any time without prior
  • CMHC-Granville Island Administration reserves the right to change or cancel an event.





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IMPORTANT! Please remember to bring a copy of the approved request form with you on the day of your event.

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