Monthly Tenant Revenue Attestation

This form is for monthly reporting of revenue after you have been accepted into the Rent Relief Program.

Tenant Monthly Revenue Reporting

  • In accordance with the Rent Reduction Agreement terms and conditions, Tenants of the program are required to submit their actual gross monthly revenues to CMHC no later than the 7th day following the end of each month*. Please ensure you return to this website and complete the below form on a monthly basis.

    Tenants must submit and attest to their actual gross revenues (before GST) in the fields below. Please DO NOT enter revenue projections for future months, only actual gross monthly revenues which have not yet been submitted by the tenant through the below web form. Tenants are only required to enter information in the below fields for months which they have not previously submitted through this web form.

    Please note, all tenants filling out the web form for the first time must provide their actual gross monthly sales (before GST) for any previous months actively listed on the web form*. Any tenants who are currently enrolled in the program, or who may become enrolled in the program after past month fields are no longer mandatory, are still required to submit their actual gross sales for those months as soon as they have been enrolled in the program, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Rent Reduction Agreement.

    Please provide your email address on the form in order to receive a copy of your web form submission for your records.

    *In recognition of this form becoming available to tenants as of December 2020, for the months of September, October and November 2020, tenants are being provided an extended deadline to submit their monthly actual gross revenues by no later than January 15th, 2021 (UPDATED). Gross revenues for the periods from March – August 2020 will have already been submitted to CMHC through tenant’s original application form.

    The red asterisk indicates a required field.
  • Cell is preferred.
  • Please only include revenue for the months that you have ACTUAL revenue numbers.

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  • 2021