Outdoor Farmers Market

Due to Covid-19, Granville Island will not be hosting a Farmer’s Market on the Chain & Forge site this year. Granville Island looks forward to hosting the market again in 2021.

The Granville Island Farmers Market has been serving the people of the city of Vancouver since the summer of 1988, launched as a Farmers “Truck Market.” The Granville Island Farmers Market strives to provide a direct link to the maker, baker, grower, or creator from June through September.

Originally composed of a dozen farmers selling from the back of their trucks, the Farmers Market has grown to over 30 stalls during the summer months. Patrons visiting the market enjoy a wide selection of locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as local food artisans selling fresh baked goods, jams, sauces, locally-made wine and alcohol and craft artisans. Vendors from our Farmers Market often transition to our Food Day Vendor Program in the Public Market.  The Farmers Market is held in The Chain and Forge, the heart of Granville Island, beneath the Granville Street Bridge.

Dates and Times

The Granville Island Farmers Market is held every Thursday from 11AM to 4PM, from the beginning of June through September.


The market is held at The Chain & Forge, the newest public space on Granville Island.  The address for the space is 1404 Anderson Street. Located centrally on Granville Island adjacent to Edible Canada Restaurant and Retail, the Farmers Market is positioned at the heart of the Island, beneath the Granville Street Bridge.  The area is highly visible and bright, provides multiple points of entry, and allows for easy loading. Each season we also hold various events like Fall Fest, our annual pie contest and daily live music. Don’t forget your reusable shopping bags, but if you do, official Granville Island shopping bags will be on sale for $2 each. We hope that you will join us down on Granville Island this summer!

Please contact the Tenant Coordinators for more information on this summer opportunity! 



  • Farmers/Growers
  • Prepared Foods – Local Health Authority approval to sell at Temp Markets; if high risk product, approvals to sell from Local Health Authority
  • Wine/Liquor/Beer – must have market authorization from BC LB; GI is a specific location (special authorization created in main policy)
  • Local Crafts – must have Liability Insurance, naming CMHC as additional insured, $2 mill min.
  • Food Trucks – must have any relevant City of Vancouver Food Truck permits (i.e. Street Food Stationary Vending permit, etc)
  • Granville Island Tenant
  • Granville Island Day Vendor