Granville Island Events Policy Guidelines

Granville Island is a vibrant cultural district located in the centre of Vancouver, minutes from downtown, surrounded by ocean, cityscape and mountain views and providing a haven for locals and tourists from around the world. It attracts millions of visitors each year, and is a favoured location for photographers, filmmakers, and event organizers. It is administered by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), a federal crown agency of the Government of Canada, and is financially self-supporting.

Particularly in the summer months, Granville Island is a very busy place, with more than 300 businesses employing approximately 3,000 people, including theatres, restaurants, artists’ studios, a hotel, and a public market. As an arts and cultural destination, Granville Island hosts many events island-wide from large scale festivals to smaller events. There are a variety of public spaces and venues that are available for events.

Due to the demand for space on Granville Island, this policy has been developed and is administered by the Public Affairs & Programming Department of CMHC Granville Island. (For the purpose of this policy, “events” encompass: Performances, site activations, fundraisers, public
awareness activities, sporting/athletic events, exhibits, celebrations/parties, educational events, receptions)

Individuals and organizations that wish to hold an event at locations on Granville Island must complete an application and submit it to CMHC Public Affairs and Programming Department, a minimum of six weeks prior to the event. Larger events that may impact logistics (traffic patterns, access, parking, public spaces, etc.) will require longer lead times depending on
their complexity.

Photographers and filmmakers should refer to the Granville Island Filming Policies and Application

Charitable Organizations may apply to the Leasing Department – Tenant Coordinators to use the charity table for up to one week per year in the Public Market food court at no charge.

To apply, call 604-666-6477 or email:

Approval of events is based on:

  1. Alignment with Granville Island as an artistic and cultural destination: extent to which the event connects with and supports Granville Island’s artistic and cultural community.
  2. Potential benefits to existing Granville Island businesses and community.
  3. Size and scope of the event.
  4. Extent to which the event is corporate in nature.
  5. Extent to which the event competes with or impacts existing tenants and day-to-day activity and business on Granville Island.
  6. Availability of space and/or administrative support: approval of an event will also depend on space availability and capacity for CMHC to provide administrative support for the event.
  7. Extent to which the event is directed to a family (all ages) audience.
  8. Compliance with the Granville Island Sustainability Requirements

Not Permitted on Granville Island:

  1. Sales of goods and services without a current leasing or licensing agreement with CMHC Granville Island. (See our Leasing page for general information.)
  2. Promotions, including sampling or sample distribution, coupon distribution, free services, gifts,
    and promotional materials (flyers, booklets, etc.) for corporate or commercial business
  3. Spaces may not be used for commercial purposes such as outdoor markets or fundraisers where the public is charged admission.

To Apply:
Cultural and Special Events Form – to be completed by individuals/organizations/Granville Island tenants/leasees (including Granville Island Cultural Partners and Projects) who wish to hold an event on Granville Island:

Application for Landlord’s Consent – to be completed by existing Granville Island tenants/leasees wishing to:
  make improvements to leased premises, or
  make changes to permitted use

Important notes:
Sponsors: Event Organizers must ensure that they have received prior written approval from CMHC Granville Island for all activities, events, promotions, and site activations planned on Granville Island in conjunction with festival or event sponsors.

Sound levels: Sound levels must be kept at a reasonable level. CMHC Granville Island and Granville Island Cultural Society have authority to enforce that sound levels are reasonable.
CMHC Granville Island reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy.

CMHC Granville Island reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy.

For information, contact:
Granville Island Administration Office: Public Affairs & Programming
Net Loft Building, 1661 Duranleau St, 2nd Floor, Vancouver, BC V6H 3S3,
Phone: 604-666-6655