CMHC wishes to ensure that due consideration is given to the integrity of persons and entities obtaining benefits under the this Program and, further, that due consideration is to be given to the effect that a proposed transaction or business relation would have on CMHC’s reputation or the reputation of the Government of Canada, and the ability to attract and retain other persons or entities to use CMHC’s programs and services. Accordingly, the Impacted Tenant is required to complete this Integrity Declaration prior to, and to remain eligible for, receipt of benefits from CMHC under the Program.

The Impacted Tenant hereby declares[1] and confirms the following on the express understanding that CMHC is relying on this Declaration (among other elements) in making a determination of eligibility of the Impacted Tenant to be provided with benefits under the Program:

  • the Tenant and its affiliates[2] have not, under Canadian (including federal, provincial or territorial), foreign or international laws, been convicted of any crime or penal or regulatory offence in relation to any financial matters such as but not limited to forgery, fraud, bribery, corruption, international sanctions, taxation or money laundering (unless a pardon has been granted or a record suspension has been ordered in respect of a conviction for such offence); and further, the Tenant and its affiliates are not under criminal prosecution for such offenses;
  • the Tenant and its affiliates have not previously been declared by the Government of Canada or any provincial, territorial or local government in Canada to be ineligible to do business with such government, including under the Government of Canada’s Integrity Regime[3];
  • there are no facts known or which ought reasonably to be known by the Tenant, which, in the opinion of the Tenant, acting reasonably, could give rise to CMHC having a concern with:
    • entering into and/or maintaining a business relationship with the Tenant; or
    • the Tenant’s integrity; and
  • the Tenant has fully disclosed to CMHC all information that may be relevant to the determination by CMHC of the Tenant’s integrity;
  • For the duration of its business relationship with CMHC under the Program, the Tenant agrees to and shall immediately inform CMHC of any change in circumstances which would thereafter prevent the Tenant from maintaining this Integrity Declaration; and
  • If the Tenant is not an individual, then the Tenant hereby declares and confirms, to the best of its knowledge, the matters in (a) to (d) above in respect of each of its directors, officers, members, and shareholders and beneficial owners(except as noted below); provided that the matters in (a) to (d) above do not apply to any person that holds publicly listed securities in the Tenant that do not constitute a controlling interest (or to the ultimate parent of that person or any of its beneficial owner(s).

[1] If for any reason you are unable to make this Integrity Declaration, you must explain why. Your explanation must be provided in a separate document to be included with this Form. CMHC may request additional information from you. You authorize CMHC to collect and use the information provided, in addition to any other information that may be required to make a determination of ineligibility.

[2] An affiliate of the Tenant is another person or entity that directly, or indirectly through one or more intermediaries, controls or is controlled by, or is under common control with, the Tenant.

[3] The Government of Canada’s Integrity Regime can be accessed at: