About Granville Island Council

What is Council?

Following a Public Notice of Opportunity, we are pleased to introduce you to the members of the seven person Granville Island’s first Council, who are composed of citizens from the local community who bring combined expertise in the areas of arts & culture, community and government relations, leadership, finance, and property management.

The Granville Island Council Nominating Committee, chaired by Jane Shackell, who represents the Granville Island Trust, with Gloria Loree and Sadhu Johnston both representing the Granville Island 2040 Implementation Committee, as well as Linda Morris, a local resident and Board Member with CMHC and Lois McGrath, interim General Manager of Granville Island were responsible for evaluating the candidates against the advertised criteria and making a recommendation to the Minister responsible for CMHC.

While the Granville Island Trust’s role was as an advisory body, the new Granville Island Council will have greater decision-making powers and influence over the strategic direction of Granville Island.

This new Council is key to Granville Island’s future, because it puts decision-making into the hands of local residents who understand Granville Island and its importance to the community. It is responsible for key decisions pertaining to Granville Island’s budgeting, planning, and long-term strategy. Members will not be involved in the day-to-day management of Granville Island. Their role is similar to a typical non-profit Board of Directors.

Council members appointed by Minister Duclos will serve a term of 4 years with appointees from CMHC and City of Vancouver serving a term of 3 years to ensure that the terms of incoming members overlap with existing members in order to provide continuity. The first meeting of the new council will be September 24th with the first order of business to elect a chair, and to assess applicants and recommend the next General Manager for Granville Island.

This is another important milestone in fulfilling the recommendations of Granville Island 2040: Bridging Past & Future; specifically:

Looking long term, CMHC should continue to explore options for renewal of Granville Island’s formal governance structure with a redefined role that further strengthens local authority, autonomy and decision-making, while remaining accountable to the Government of Canada through CMHC

(page 3, Granville Island 2040: Bridging Past & Future, May 2017)

To contact the Granville Island Council, please email council@granvilleisland.com